Father's Day barbecue gifts 2024: We pick out the best ideas for dads who love to cook outdoors

Dads just love cooking up a treat on a barbecueDads just love cooking up a treat on a barbecue
Dads just love cooking up a treat on a barbecue | anamulhasan

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Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 16 this year, which means it’s a perfect time for a summer barbecue - so we’ve rounded up some perfect grilling gift ideas

There is little in life more manly than a barbecue. Sure, us blokes might prefer to put our feet up while 99% of our dinners are prepared but, as soon as the sun is shining and there's a chance for some al fresco cooking, we suddenly come over all Gordon Ramsay.

No arguments please, the barbecue is a man's domain. Just because we show no interest in cooking at any other time of the year, doesn't mean we can't whip up a feast when the weather's in our favour.

Barbecue-based gifts, then, are the perfect option for a Father's Day surprise. Whether he needs a new barbecue, or just some enhancements to the one he already owns, we've trawled the internet for some thoughtful presents that will bring joy to the hearts of any seasoned burger flipper.

Whatever your budget, however big his barbecuing brief may be, we hope there's something for every dad in this list.

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Treat him to the perfect barbecue...

Price: £272.93, from Amazon

The Ninja WoodfireThe Ninja Woodfire
The Ninja Woodfire | Amazon

If your dad happens to be a bit of a traditionalist, this might not suit him. But electric barbecues are surging in popularity for good reason. They're much easier to use, more economical to run, and better for the environment. You can even add smokers for that classic flavour effect.

Ninja makes our favourite electric barbecue, and this Woodfire is ideal for table-top cooking in the great outdoors, with space for eight burgers or two racks of ribs.

A stand and cover are available from Ninja, although they're not included, and the great thing about an electric barbecue is, if it suddenly starts raining, you can just run inside and finish the job.

Another major plus point with this particular appliance is it'll also double as an air fryer. So you could whip up a chicken and chips on your patio. How cool is that?

Price: £149.99, from Amazon

The Cookology KentuckyThe Cookology Kentucky
The Cookology Kentucky | Amazon

If you don't think Dad will be sold on the idea of an electric barbecue, maybe he'll go for gas. Gas barbecues light instantly, are quick to bring to temperature, and the heat levels are a doddle to control.

You might miss out on that smoky chargrill flavour, but the cooking experience is so much easier, and there's much less chance of burning burgers or ruining a really good steak.

This freestanding three-burner barbecue is large enough for most families, and would even cope with a small garden party - although there are no side burners in its two shelves.

For less than £150 though, it is quite a bargain. And a great way to experience the sheer convenience of gas grilling. Just remember, if you don't already have one, you'll need to buy a gas bottle. They're easy to come by, but not exactly cheap.

Price: £154.99, from Amazon

The Cosmogrill Outdoor XLThe Cosmogrill Outdoor XL
The Cosmogrill Outdoor XL | Amazon

OK, OK, we get it. There's no flavour experience quite like a slab of meat cooked over hot coals. It's barbecuing in its sincerest form, and it's the proper way to do it. If, that is, you can be bothered to faff about lighting the coals, waiting for them to get up to temperature and then being careful to avoid the hot spots.

If your dad likes to stick to the old ways, we salute him. And charcoal barbecues are relatively affordable and don't need heavy and expensive gas bottles.

This one we found on Amazon is a shade over £150 but has all the basic features, including fold-away shelves, a temperature gauge and a handy shelf on its stand.

Quite importantly, this particular barbecue also comes with a built-in bottle opener. Because who wants to cook sausages without a beer in their hand?

Price: £298.57, from Amazon

The Ninja Woodfire Electric OvenThe Ninja Woodfire Electric Oven
The Ninja Woodfire Electric Oven | Amazon

Does your dad have a more diverse culinary skillset? Does he already have a barbecue he's happy with? If he considers himself a gastronomic guru, then perhaps a pizza oven that doubles as a barbecue smoker might be a better bet for a perfect gift.

Ninja's Woodfire range also includes this superb pizza oven, which not only puts out stone-baked pizzas, but it has seven other functions, including roasting, smoking, baking and dehydrating.

It runs off electricity, and it could be the perfect complement to a dream barbecue setup, great for garden parties.

The smoke effect is achieved by burning pellets, so you could add an authentic flavour to any portion just by leaving it in for its final finish before serving.

At nearly £300, it's not cheap, but it's one of the most versatile garden appliances you could buy.

A cheaper choice for an amazing accessory

Price: £8.99, from Amazon

Smoker boxes can add a variety of flavoursSmoker boxes can add a variety of flavours
Smoker boxes can add a variety of flavours | Amazon

If flirting with flavours is your dad's cup of tea, then consider a smoker box as a cheap gift this Father's Day. Any barbecue, even the electric ones, will benefit from this bargain accessory, because it infuses the food with the flavours and aromas of a traditional smoker.

The wood chips or pellets can be quickly and easily swapped out, so you can experiment with different infusions, and it just tucks away above the burners, enhancing the food's flavour as it burns away.

Compact barbecue choices

Price: £117, from Amazon

The Cadac Safari Chef 30The Cadac Safari Chef 30
The Cadac Safari Chef 30 | Amazon

Is your dad keen on camping? Holidays away are the perfect time to gather the family for a barbecue and this marvellous little fold-away barbecue is perfect for caravan and camping holidays.

Remove it from its bag, open out the legs, screw in a replaceable gas bottle and you're away. No charcoal, no complicated stands to construct, just a quick and easy way to grill up a treat.

You can also purchase a pizza stone for it, or use one of the supplied accessories to fry up a breakfast the following day.

It's one of the best compact barbecues on the market, and incredibly popular. A bargain at £117.

Price: £29.99, from Amazon

The Valiant Portable folding barbecueThe Valiant Portable folding barbecue
The Valiant Portable folding barbecue | Amazon

Perhaps your dad likes to travel a bit lighter. If he's more into outdoor adventure than a caravan holiday, or if he's just hooked on tent camping, this cute little folding barbecue might fit the bill.

It's a coal-fired device, so you'll need to have a supply of charcoal to hand. But it folds up into a suitcase and, when it's opened up, its fold-out legs keep it off the ground, which is not only safer, it'll satisfy the demands of most campsites.

OK, so you'd struggle to feed a family of four with this great little gadget, but as truly compact camping barbecues go, this is definitely one of the best.

Dad might want some accessories

Price: £26.34, from Amazon

The Grilliance Barbecue Accessory setThe Grilliance Barbecue Accessory set
The Grilliance Barbecue Accessory set | Amazon

What self-respecting father figure wouldn't want to open up a case of shiny new barbecue tools like this one? From metal straws to meat thermometers, and from brushes to bottle openers, this set has pretty much everything a man needs to get grilling. All in a neat, folding bag.

Just remember that metal tools won't suit all barbecues. They're not ideal for non-stick surfaces as they can leave scratches, but this gorgeous tool set will delight any master of meat, and take his barbecuing game to the next level.

Price: £44.95, from Amazon

The Go-komax Portable BBQ Tools OrganiserThe Go-komax Portable BBQ Tools Organiser
The Go-komax Portable BBQ Tools Organiser | Amazon

Isn't this a clever idea? It'll clamp to pretty much any conventional barbecue and keep your tools and spices organised - at the same time as hosting a kitchen roll dispenser. And we all know how important kitchen roll can be at a barbecue.

The tool rack has a space for knives, which is handy and, for reasons I can't fathom, it all folds up into a bag. Perhaps this a gift for the barbecue-mad dad who thinks they have everything.

Price: £11.99, from Amazon

The Wasach Barbecue ApronThe Wasach Barbecue Apron
The Wasach Barbecue Apron | Amazon

Short of changing a car wheel at the side of the road without calling in the AA, it is almost impossible to feel more manly than grilling a slab of steak on a barbecue. And this wonderful apron reflects that.

You could argue that there's nothing manly about wearing an apron, but we just won't listen to you. Not when it literally spells out how manly we look.

What a great comedy present for the sake of 12 quid.