Harrogate's most discreet gardens for sale

Treasured spot - Part of Oval Gardens in Harrogate
Treasured spot - Part of Oval Gardens in Harrogate

One of the most discreet and historic spots in urban Harrogate is up for sale.

The lovely 4.5 acres of Oval Gardens are going on sale by auction on Friday, December 14 at Pride Park Stadium, Derby.

But the good news is this treasured spot, which was first established as amenity gardens for residents in the 1890s, will in no way be effected no matter what happens in the sale.

Not only is this beautiful amenity for residents living round Oval Gardens which is situated between Otley Road and Leeds Road quietly defended and maintained by the volunteers of community group, the West End Park Association, it lies in a Harrogate conservation area - The West End Park (Estate) - giving its special nature even more robust protection.

Martin Blackham, acting secretary of the association, which was formed in 1973 following an attempt to build on the Oval Gardens, said: "The sale will not in any way, shape or form effect the present situation.
"It's not news. All residents in the area are fully aware of what is happening."

West End Park Association was established to maintain the gardens, resist any attempt to build on them and preserve the rights of residents to use them as an amenity.

Supported by voluntary financial subscriptions of its members, the association also strives to conserve and improves the unique character of the West End Park area of Harrogate as a whole.
The gardens are privately-owned, hence the sale.

In terms of normal development opportunities, its conservation area status makes it a but of an anomaly to say the least.

The guide price at rightmove online, which also describes Oval Gardens as a "hey are a haven for wildlife within the town", is set at £20,000.

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