Arson attack in the Jennyfields area of Harrogate while homeowner was asleep

Police are investigating an arson attack in the Jennyfields area of Harrogate, where accelerant was applied to a hedge while the homeowner was asleep.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:14 am

The incident happened after 1am on Sunday, in the area of the Co-Op store on Grantley Drive, and if a quick-thinking passer-by hadn't banged on the door and raised the alarm, the outcome could have been very different.

The homeowner said: "A few minutes more, and it would have reached a motor vehicle and ignited that, and so on. The passer-by's actions were nothing short of heroic in raising the alarm and summoning the fire brigade.

"The attack was cowardly, as people are usually asleep on Saturday night and Sunday morning at 1am."

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "The fire service attended and extinguished the fire. The fire appears to have been started deliberately, and enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances around this incident."