Harrogate's new mural at iconic ex-department store Debenhams

The empty Debenhams department store in Harrogate has been brought back to life with a stunning new artwork.

By Graham Chalmers
Thursday, 30th June 2022, 10:10 am

The iconic building on Parliament Street has been transformed by a Harrogate street artist, whose murals have already brought colour to a drab alley in Harrogate, and the Great Yorkshire Showground.

Sam Porter from Mural Minded, was last year commissioned by Harrogate Business Improvement District (BID) to create one of his masterpieces on Cross James Street - now he has been asked to decorate the boarded-up Parliament Street and Oxford Street entrances of the old department store.

Sam Porter from Mural Minded, was commissioned by Harrogate Business Improvement District (BID) to create the stunning mural at the former Debenhams department store.

Last week, Sam began work on the first doorway, and when both finished, they will each carry colourful images of flowers, and in turn will offer a perfect fit with the BID’s Floral Summer of Celebration.

Being held between July 15 and August 12, the town centre will become home to a floral trail featuring eight unique displays, a shop window competition and an exhibition in Victoria Shopping Centre looking at different aspects of Harrogate’s floral history.

Unlike the Cross James Street mural, which was painted directly onto the wall, the designs at Debenhams are being created on wooden boards, which can be moved and displayed elsewhere.

Harrogate BID Manager Matthew Chapman said: “The former Debenhams shop is one of the most prominent buildings on Parliament Street.

“Last year, it benefited from a number of our well-known windows vinyls depicting famous people with a connection to Harrogate.

“Because it has stood empty for a while now, and has had its doors boarded up to stop people from sleeping in the recesses, we have asked Sam to work his magic here.

“He’s an incredibly-gifted artist, his murals are stunning and will help give this building a welcome burst of colour, one that fits in with our Floral Summer of Celebration.”

It is expected the work will be completed at some stage next week.

In recent years, Sam has seen his work displayed in many other towns and cities across the UK, as well as across the Harrogate district.

Further information about Harrogate BID is available from its website, at www.harrogatebid.co.uk/