Five top tips when driving to a festival this summer

With festival season just around the corner, and Brits excited to head to the fields restriction free after Covid-19, experts at Zuto have pulled together their top tips for avoiding unnecessary stress when packing for a festival.

Be sure to prepare in advance ahead of any trip to avoid unwanted stress when driving for a long period of time.

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1. Prepare your car for the journey

Whether you’re traveling solo or driving a car full of family and friends, it’s important to ensure you prep your car well in advance of the journey. Make sure to clear as much boot space as possible to ensure you have room for all your belongings. Creating a list can help with this and reduce the chances of overpacking.

2. Check the route beforehand

It’s likely that there’ll be a lot of traffic on the roads when traveling to a festival, especially if it’s one of the larger ones. Be sure to prep the route beforehand so you’re familiar with where you’re going and any road closures that might be happening.

3. Avoid having unloaded belongings on the car

Roof racks are great if you want to secure additional excess luggage for the journey, however, you need to make sure you follow DVLA guidance and properly secure all belongings onto your vehicle to avoid any unnecessary fines. Failure to do this could land you with a £5,000 fine.

4. Plan in regular breaks

When driving for any distance it’s important to stay hydrated and to plan regular breaks. Where possible, and when embarking on a long journey, it’s great to have multiple people insured on the vehicle. This helps ensure that tiredness is kept to a minimum and full attention can be given on the road.

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5. Car share

When it comes to being eco-friendly, car sharing is a great way to cut costs and make friends ahead of a festival. Go car share allows people to request certain journeys that people may be doing to allow for grouping together.

Lucy Sherliker, Head of Customer at Zuto, says: "For those driving to a festival, it’s incredibly important to plan your journey in advance and make sure that you’re comfortable with the route beforehand. This is even more important for the return journey. Our advice would always be to avoid any drives if you feel tired, especially after a festival”.