‘Time to be positive’ over the state of Harrogate says town MP Andrew Jones

Harrogate’s MP says the town can overcome its perceived toll of problems by working together.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 6:58 pm
Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones has written an emotional defence of the town.
Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones has written an emotional defence of the town.

Andrew Jones MP: Together we can overcome our problems in HarrogateReacting to this newspaper’s recent series of articles on Harrogate’s ‘Summer of Discontent’, Andrew Jones MP said community action already taking place would ensure the storm would pass.

Writing in this newspaper through his regular column, the Harrogate and Knaresborough MP said he did not believe that the town was going downhill.

And he called for local groups to “stop sniping” and work together for the good of Harrogate.

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones has written an emotional defence of the town.

Mr Jones said: “When I hear of our area going downhill I don’t agree.

Harrogate town centre: Advertiser readers have their say“I’ve lived in the town centre since the late 1990s and, throughout that time, we have had our problems.

“But positive and constructive people came forward to work on them.

“The solutions to problems come when the public, local groups, the council, the local paper and other organisations align their objectives, stop sniping at one another and work together.”

The debate was triggered initially by readers expressing a raft of concerns over the what they said was the decline of the town centre.

Complaints included empty shop units, roadworks, County Lines crime and incidents of anti-social behaviour, arson and violence.

The final straw for many was an increase in visible street begging and the arrival of a mini tent village at the back of Primark’s store.

But Mr Jones said the fact that action was already being taken to tackle the latter was a positive sign for the future.

He said: “The new Harrogate Street Aid initiative supported by Harrogate Homeless Project, the police, North Yorkshire Horizons and Harrogate Borough Council is a good example of constructive people finding solutions.

Police chase in Harrogate - here's everything we know so far“The concept of tapping your card on a terminal in a shop window to donate a few pounds towards projects to help the nearby street beggar is fresh and innovative.

“This money can then be used by professionals to fund projects to help with mental and physical health issues, drug and alcohol dependency and other issues.”

While many civic figures in Harrogate have rallied in defence of the town’s reputation, there is no sign of a let-up in worries from readers of this newspaper. One letter this week said

Harrogate was still a fantastic place but it was an “undeniable fact” that itwas no longer a crown jewel of Yorkshire.

Bettys at 100: The orphan’s dream which lives on today in Harrogate and across the worldMr Mark Fuller said he was so concerned he’d set up an online survey to engage the community over solutions to the issues that concern the town.

Mr Fuller said: “Someone needs to remove the rose-tinted glasses and say it like it is before the current state becomes the norm.”

With local groups like Harrogate BID and Harrogate Street Aid gearing up for action, the so-called ‘Summer of Discontent’ may yet turn out to be a shortlived crisis.

Andrew Jones MP, for one, believes the answers to the questions plaguing Harrogate lie in our own hands.

Crime heroes set to return for Harrogate International FestivalHe said: “What our area needs is even more people like that so that the few who volunteer to benefit the many grow in number.”

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Over the last few weeks, the state of Harrogate as a town for both its residents and for visitors has come under increased scrutiny.

Dubbed the ‘Summer of Discontent’, there has been unprecidented comment from leading figures within the district and from residents regarding a wide range of issues which our beloved town seems to be battling against... be it crime, untidy streets, the number of homeless begging or the state of the roads and increased traffic.

Harrogate's Cappuccino Cycling Club celebrates a decade in the saddleWe want to hear your views. Has Harrogate lost its sparkle? Or are these just difficult days highlighted by doom-mongers? The best will be used in a special report in next week’s paper.

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