New 'cool little' Harrogate bar opens

A cool little independent bar which "isn’t trying to be revolutionary" has opened in Harrogate.

Monday, 16th September 2019, 4:15 pm
The new bar which opened last week in Harrogate.
The new bar which opened last week in Harrogate.

Located at the former premises of Fisk restaurant at 61 Cold Bath Road Harrogate, the new bar is called District Bar.

This cosy and small bar. which which was launched last Thursday, is a place where the owners like to keep things simple - and chilled.

Owners owners Dan and Andy have even set out their philosophy on the bar's Facebook page.

They say: "District Bar is a refreshing approach, a considered and carefully thought out proposition, and above all - genuinely a ‘cool’ place to be."An extension of personal living space, each element has been carefully thought through, from the fresh roasted bean in your coffee, the glass that fits your hand, the blend of furniture comfort and practicality through to the lighting and music for the mood."District Bar is not trying to be trendy, nor flirt with a particular set of people, it merely does all things really well, and keeps it simple."District Bar isn’t revolutionary, it just delivers in all areas of what it’s says it is - a truly great bar."

District Bar opens Monday to Tuesday, 11am to 6pm; Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 11pm and Sunday, 11am to 10pm.

Withe the idea of offering a space for local art, it deliberately keeps its walls plain.

As well as good beers, the bar serves wine, cocktails, tea, coffee and nibbles.