New twist over 'loss of trees' at Harrogate beauty spot

Harrogate Borough Council has given more time to all parties involved in the controversy over the loss of trees in expansion plans on Harlow Hill by award-winning firm Harrogate Spring Water.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 9:40 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 9:40 am
We will replant the trees - James Cain, managing director of award-winning firm Harorgate Spring Water.

The consultation window on a key recent planning application has been extended by Harrogate Borough Council from last Sunday, February 2 to 8am on Monday, March 9.

It is now expected that the council’s planning committee will decide on the case on March 31.

Following a recent meeting between Pinewoods Conservation Group, Harrogate Spring Water and Harrogate Rotary Club, it was agreed that further information would be provided to allow interested parties to make an informed decision on the plan's impact on Rotary Centenary Wood.

The four acres of woodland were planted from 2005 to 2010 by Harrogate Rotary Club as part of their centenary celebrations

Of note was the current lack of detail, as to where any replacement planting would take place, as well as the absence of the updated ecological report.

It was also confirmed by Harrogate Spring Water that opportunities for the replacement planting to be in the locality of The Pinewoods were being explored and would be in accordance with guidelines.

It was also confirmed by the award-winning firm that the ecological surveys had taken place, pending submission, with an executive summary to be shared with interested parties by mid-February.

A spokesperson for Harrogate Rotary Club said: "The Rotary Club of Harrogate are grateful to Harrogate Spring Water for the opportunity to discuss their proposals for the future of Rotary Centenary Wood.

"However, we remain disappointed that despite the assurances given and requirements made at the time of their original planning application in 2017 no contact was made until now.

"We hope to continue to consult with Harrogate Borough Council and Harrogate Spring Water to mitigate the harm to Rotary Centenary Wood in any planned or proposed development.”

Pinewoods Conservation Group said: "Our concerns on the development and subsequent disposal of public green space by Harrogate Borough Council remain and plans will continue to protest at each step as our members demand."