Harrogate Bus Company is backing 'no idling' by drivers at worst level crossing

Air pollution at Harrogate's busiest level crossing has been put back in the spotlight by a bus company’s stance against ‘idling’.

Friday, 8th November 2019, 10:03 am
Busy traffic at Harrogate's busiest railway level crossing at Starbeck.

With the support of North Yorkshire County Council, Network Rail said last week it was undertaking further investigation work into what effect reducing the barrier's closure time might have on the level of traffic congestion at Starbeck Railway Station.

In the meantime, Starbeck Residents Association has been campaigning for vehicles to switch off their engines at the log-jammed Knaresborough Road when halted by the rail barrier.

Shock as popular Harrogate nightclub is to closeNow Harrogate Bus Company has told the residents’ group it is advising its drivers not to ‘idle’ at the Starbeck crossing.

It said: “Idling is a very important issue as it not only helps the reduction of fuel use, but helps stop pollution to local environments which reduces the overall carbon footprint.

“We currently remind our colleagues to switch engines off at various times and we constantly monitor our colleagues idling performance and take action where needed.”

Harrogate Bus Company is appealing for bus passengers to let them know the date, time and place of any incident of idling by its drivers.

For more information, visit www.transdevbus.co.uk/harrogate