'This is the positive news we need right now' - Harrogate couple get married despite coronavirus cancelling original wedding date

In these unsettled times, we need some positivity and good news in our lives now more than ever....

Friday, 20th March 2020, 2:31 pm

Yesterday, a Harrogate couple who are both classified as key workers during the coronavirus outbreak took the spotaneous decision to get married at Harrogate registry office and have their happily ever after, despite the initial disappointment at having to cancel their carefully-planned wedding in nine weeks' time due to coronavirus guidance on mass gatherings.

Sue Wilkinson, assistant headteacher at Harrogate High School, and Colin Wight, a police inspector with West Yorkshire Police, now Mr and Mrs Wight, said it was the "perfect day," despite it not being how they originally envisaged their special day unfolding only a few short weeks ago.

The newly-weds had been expecting 55 guests for their ceremony at the end of May, and 150 for the reception. Yesterday, Sue's parents attended alongside daughter and bridesmaid Molly and two witnesses, with hundreds of friends and family members having to send well-wishes from afar due to self-isolation and the latest coronavirus advice from the NHS and government.

The happy couple: Sue and Colin Wight.

Sue said the coronavirus outbreak has given them a fresh perspective on what is important in life, and she said they couldn't have asked for a better wedding day despite everything. Their amazingly supportive friends and family were still very much there with them by their side, every step of the way.

She said: "It was perfect - it was short, it was sweet, it was simple, and very romantic, just so lovely. I think you do just have to keep in mind what is important in life, and actually we are going to get through this, so why put off things if you can still safely do them now?

"It's given us a refocus - this morning we were looking at the news to see what we missed yesterday with the daily news updates, and actually yesterday it was lovely to just switch off, to have a day just about us and our relationship. It was nice to have a different focus, even if it was for just 24 hours

"People should still be doing things that make them happy, and obviously this is what made us happy yesterday. Our friends and family have been so supportive, we've had friends sending photos of them raising a glass to us saying 'sorry we can't be with you, but we're having a drink for you,' so that's really nice.

The glowing bride with her daughter and bridesmaid Molly.

"Everybody's there for each other in spirit even if you can't physically be with each other."

Sue was delighted that her parents who are over 70 were able to be there on her big day before needing to go into self-isolation this weekend - they wouldn't have been able to attend under government advice had the wedding still gone ahead in May.

Colin arranged everything for the ceremony yesterday, and poured his heart into giving his beloved a special day to remember - spreading some wonderfully heart-warming, much-needed positivity in these bleak times for the country as a whole.

Sue said: "Colin is very kind and romantic, and that's why I've married him. We didn't want to wait indefinitely and put it on hold, we wanted to get married sooner rather than later.

Happily ever after: Sue and Colin.

"With us being key workers, we've both got a lot of work to be doing over the next few weeks, so we just took the chance.

"Everyone's been saying that it's nice to see some positive news on their social media feeds, that it's brightened their day."

The happy couple will be throwing a big party as soon as it is safe to do so for family and friends, and they enjoyed a romantic getaway at Rudding Park to celebrate. Although there is uncertainty about their honeymoon in Bulgaria going ahead, booked for May, Sue and Colin said coronavirus won't stand in the way of their happy ending, and they have the rest of their lives together to go on holiday and see loved ones.