Roosters launch canned beer revolution

By Graham Chalmers

Friday, 23rd January 2015, 9:39 am
Roosters Brewing Company. Oliver Fozard, Tom Fozard and Ian Fozard. (1410061AM1)
Roosters Brewing Company. Oliver Fozard, Tom Fozard and Ian Fozard. (1410061AM1)

Knaresborough-based craft beer brewers Roosters have launched their first range of canned drinks - and they seem to be going down well already.

This trail-blazing independent brewery, owned and operated by Ian Fozard and his two sons, Tom and Oliver, is the first in Yorkshire and the first outside London to take the beer revolution into ‘micro-canning’.

Rooster’s three canned beers are Yankee (the brewery’s flagship beer), Fort Smith (an American-style pale ale) and Baby-Faced Assassin (an India Pale Ale).

Tom Fozard, Roosters commercial manager, said: “We’re known for brewing clean, well-balanced and hop-forward beers. By canning in-house, we’re now in complete control of the process from start to finish.”

Having invested in a canning machine from Canada, this small but highly successful brewery has spent the last nine months investing in various other bits of equipment to ensure their environmentally-friendly vision became a reality.

Tom said: “Our new range should be attractive not only to off-licenses and bars, but also restaurants looking for a high quality, yet local beer portfolio with no possibility of wastage”.

The benefits for both drinkers and businesses are clear, said Tom.

“As well as being easier to transport and easier to stock for off-licenses and bars and restaurants, canning completely protect the beer from sunlight, keep ing it fresher.

“Cans have a tighter seal than a bottle, which helps keep unwanted oxygen out of the beer.”

So far Roosters’ new canned beers have been released to a limited number of outlets in Harrogate but demand has been strong.

Tom said: “Having been on sale for a little under a week, the uptake on the initial batch has been excellent, with 99% of the stock already sold.

“Consumer demand for independently brewed, quality beer continues to grow. I can see more and more breweries packaging their beers in cans.”