Young film-maker aims for box office hit

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Harrogate received the Hollywood treatment last weekend as local film maker Timothy Reynard set the cameras rolling on his most ambitious project yet.

The Prologue for Let the Die Be Cast, a gripping psychological thriller, was shot in the countryside around Harrogate before this resourceful young 20-year-old set off to visit the main film set in Spain with cinematographer Ben Cussons, screenwriter Oliver Welsh and lead actors Will FitzGerald and Warren Dupuy.

The prologue is designed to introduce the film’s principal characters and help this part-time staff member of Harrogate Odeon raise the remainder of the £27,500 required for the next two shoots.

Having already produced two feature films, Reynard is determined to emulate the success of other low budget independent films such as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, all of which were box office hits.

Let the Die Be Cast is a particularly ambition project, though facing challenges is nothing new to Reynard who was described by late movie legend Ken Russell in The Times as as “the future of film.”

That accolade came after Reynard’s film company, DeCantillon Films, produced a film which was premiered to Russell at the Harrogate Odeon.

With new producer, the Farnham-based Kit Lacey on board, Reynard is now offering a sneak preview of the prologue.

He said: “We are inviting potential backers along to a private screening which will be held in early July. Investors will be credited in the film as executive producers and owners will have their company associated with the production.” To take part, contact Emma Andralojc at or visit