Woodlands tackle powerful Equus

(left) Mark Dove as Martin Dysart and (right) Graham Parry as Alan Strang
(left) Mark Dove as Martin Dysart and (right) Graham Parry as Alan Strang

PETER Shaffer’s acclaimed play Equus is the forthcoming production from Woodlands Drama Group in Harrogate.

Shaffer was inspired to write Equus when he heard of a crime involving a 17-year-old who blinded six horses in a small town near London.

Incorporating masked actors as the horses, Equus is an exciting stage spectacle as well as a gripping drama.

Shaffer set out to construct a fictional account of what might have caused the incident, without knowing any of the details of the crime.

The play tells the story of disturbed teenager Alan Strang who has blinded six horses with a hoof pick, and Martin Dysart the psychiatrist who has been appointed to help him.

As the plot unfolds Dysart slowly gains Alan’s trust to learn of the experiences that drove Alan to such a horrific deed.

However, in the process Dysart is forced to confront his own professional doubts and insecurities, and finds himself questioning the true nature of belief and passion.

l The play shows in the Studio at Harrogate Theatre from Thursday, October 6 to Saturday, October 8 at 7.30pm evenings and 2.30pm for the Saturday matinee.

l Tickets are available from Harrogate Theatre Box Office 01423 502116, or online via www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk.