Waking the Witch on that 'reunion'

By Graham Chalmers A MEMBER of acoustic supergroup Waking the Witch has been talking to Gig Scene about the band's sudden reunion show this weekend - and whether it is the start of something new.

The girls' appearance at a Haiti fundraiser at the Courthouse in Otley on Saturday, February 6 will feature all of the original line-up, save for Jools Parker..

The all female band, all of whom shared songwriting duties and harmonies, produced three highly-acclaimed albums and an award or two in their four years together.

On Saturday they will share the spotlight with Phil Snell, the event's organiser, CJ Smith who has been a frontman for such bands as the King Bees, the King Ivory Band, the Medicine Men, and Chuck McLaughlin in what would be their first show together in more than a year.

Said Waking the Witch's Rachel Goodwin of Harrogate : "We disbanded because we all wanted to break away and do our own individual thing whether that included music or not. But when such a hideous disaster like the Haiti earthquake happens, I think it goes through everyone's mind "what on earth can I do to make a difference?" Being a musician is the perfect excuse to get up and do something."

But she said there was little chance of a permanent reunion for Waking the Witch.

"When you've played and worked together so intensely for a long period of time, I don't think it ever leaves you and it'll probably just feel like we never left the stage! We're really looking forward to it, but it will just be a one-off show for Waking The Witch."


Entrance is 6 (advance tickets from Courthouse). Doors 8.15pm. Proceeds to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Enquiries: 01943 465772.