This TV star is coming to Harrogate for major travel show this weekend

BBC One Show star Mike Dilger who is coming to Harrogate.
BBC One Show star Mike Dilger who is coming to Harrogate.

Having experienced the natural world for real in places such as Vietnam, Tanzania and Ecuador, the BBC One Show star Mike Dilger will talk about how he moved from wildlife conservation to wildlife television at The Wildlife & Safari Travel Show which runs this weekend from Saturday, October 12 to Sunday, October 13.

Tropical biologist Mike told the Harrogate Advertiser he’d learn to overcome just about anything on his journey – without losing his sense of humour.

He said: “When I worked with Bill Oddie early on my switch to TV, I worked with the great Bill Oddie.
“I ended up doing everything to the point where I got the nickname “Bill’s bitch”.
“On my travels since then I’ve picked up so many tropical diseases.
“I think I’m Britain’s most diseased man! But you learn to take care of yourself.
“I just take it one disease at a time.”

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Born the middle child of three boys, Mike didn’t pick up the wildlife bug from his parents but from a book he got for his nineth birthday – Bruce Campbell’s Guide to Birds.

He says the book opened his eyes and he still has it as a prized possession.

But he also admits to being less “high octane” these days, tending to “stand back with a pair of binoculars.”

As for The Wildlife & Safari Travel Show in Harrogate, Mike says the programme is an exciting one.

There’s also a lot more than him. Mike is just one of an impressive list of guest speakers and special events taking place.

There’s Africa travel expert Tim Henshall, of Kamageo who has witnessed how conservation efforts have grown the gorilla population in Uganda, Arctic expedition leader Jim Mayer and Harrogate’s inspirational Jane Keogh who will be talking about Zambia

The aim is to inspire visitors to join the quest to protect rare and endangered species.

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