Splendid views on route from Bolton Abbey alongside River Wharfe

Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 8:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 8:46 am

It has an initial climb of over 350m from your starting out point at Bolton Abbey to the highest point of 485m at Simon’s Seat. The climb is well worth it as you walk through the scenic valley of desolation on to Barden Fell.

At the highest point you reach Simon’s Seat. It is a place that offers splendid views of the surrounding area on a clear day.

After taking lunch here you can then look forward to descending to Parceval Hall and magnificent Troller’s Gill.

This is followed by a pleasant walk over to Appletreewick before continuing along the banks of the River Wharfe.

Then you finish off by continuing to follow the Wharfe as it becomes agitated in the rapids and waterfalls that are to be found in the famous Strid Wood.

This is a brilliant adventure and on the general course of the walk there are lots of subtle changes and features to make the route truly memorable.

The route

Start by climbing from Storiths towards the Valley of Desolation.

Posforth Gill feaures a magnificent waterfall which propels the waters of Barden Fell towards their destination, the River Wharfe.

If you are lucky to be doing the walk on a sunny winter’s day, the brilliant blue sky makes the colours of the surrounding scenery even more vivid. Not only that but as the sun doesn’t reach many parts on its low winter sky journey it leaves lots of flora to the frost which encapsulates their leaves and fronds in translucent ice crystals. This gives a wonderful opportunity to take close frozen shots.

After taking some photos, put the camera aside for the climb up to Simon’s Seat. Then look back to Wharfedale for a fantastic view - another good photo opportunity.

On arrival at Simon’s Seat you may wish to stop for lunch while enjoying the clear views of the surrounding countryside.

After refuelling, make your way off Barden Fell by zigzagging down the icy track to Dalehead Farm. For about four months, the sun never shines on the path down this section at all, and as a consequence some parts can be icy. It has to be conquered carefully.

Then cross gentle fields to Skyreholme Bank via the stone bridge across Blands Beck.

Move on through Skyreholme to the Parceval Hall cafe. Soon you will enter another special section of the journey past Old Man’s Scar to Troller’s Gill.

Thread your way through the needle that is Troller’s Gill. On the north side of the gill there is an old miner’s cave which you might wish to explore.

Then complete the walk through Troller’s Gill and cross the now above ground Skyreholme Beck onto Middle Hill, which leads towards Appletreewick Pasture.

After walking through Appletreewick, track down to the River Wharfe and walk over the fields along the river to Howgill Bridge. From there head on to Barden Bridge.

Move onto the folly bridge which is crossed to negotiate Strid Wood and onto the end of the walk.

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