Spectacular views - and some history lessons too

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:40 am

Beamsley Beacon provides splendid views of the surrounding landscape and the rest of the walk is no anti-climax with walking in the most beautiful countryside.

The sleepy hamlets of Hazlewood and Storiths are a joy to amble through and there is a surprise for history buffs in store too as the visit to Beamsley Hospital provides an uplifting history lesson.

This super walk is full of interest with beautiful views and a few history lessons along the way.

The route

Begin the walk from Beamsley, a small village hidden by trees from the A59 Harrogate to Skipton trunk road which is very close by. Parking is limited in the village so if you can’t park there, drive up Langbar Road to the car parking area near Howber Hill Farm.

Climb out of Beamsley by following Langbar Road. On the climb, which is a stiff one along the roadside, attention alternates between the colours of the roadside flora, the brilliant green of the roadside trees and the mass of the upland target - Beamsley Beacon.

After a while leave the road to walk through fields past Gibbeter Farm to Howber Hill Farm. Howber Hill is the alternative name for Beamsley Beacon. Some say Howber Hill is the more proper name but Beamsley Beacon is definitely the more popular and the first title on Ordnance Survey maps.

Once the hard work of climbing is complete, you are rewarded with wonderful views. Take a well earned rest to take them in.

From the top of Beamsley Beacon there are great views of Upper Wharfedale to the north west and Lower Wharfedale to the south east.

Made your descent following tracks along the ridge and off the top until reaching a footpath sign to Ling Chapel. From the sign, follow it north and east.

The walk is a pleasant interlude along the footpath past Ling Chapel Farm, Howgill Side and Howgill Farm.

After Howgill Farm, drop down to Kex Gill, a wonderful place lined with Alder trees. Deeply hidden in the foliage is a wooden footbridge. One of those ‘gem’ places to stop and dwell.

Climb out of Kex Gill to cross the A59 at Hill End. After crossing the busy road the walk now goes over a road bridge across Priespill Gill.

Thirty years ago this calm spot on the bridge was on the busy A59. It was part of the notoriously windy section between Blubberhouses and Bolton Abbey. Traffic gone, it is now a lovely spot.

A couple of hundred yards after the bridge, cut right to the village of Hazlewood. After the village cross fields to meet the road once more to Storiths.

The final stage of the walk crosses lush green pasture fields to Beamsley Hospital.

The hospital is very unusually shaped. Building started circa 1593 on the instructions of the mother of Lady Anne Clifford, Countess of Cumberland and was completed by Lady Anne herself. The building has seven rooms radiating from a central Puritan Chapel.

Originally built for the poorest women of the area to follow a devout life, it is now owned by the Landmark Trust. It is a remarkable structure and a must view on the walk.

The final section of the walk is completed by crossing the A59 and following two fields down to a now more mature Kex Beck.

Follow the beck back into Beamsley to complete the walk.

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