Route along the railway explores several villages

By The Newsroom
Friday, 3rd February 2017, 8:30 am

From the town the walk follows the River Wharfe upstream before cutting off through the town’s golf course to Linton and then follows a bridleway road and fields to Lime Kiln Wood and then to Sicklinghall House and back to the village.

The route

Set off from near the village pond, a beautiful sight with Bullrush and pond weed in the clear water and with hawthorn, cherry and willow fringing the pond edge.

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From the pond, follow Stockeld Lane toward Stockeld Park. It will soon be Spring with hedgerows turning a youthful green, trees displaying blossom with different ranges of colour and all of them uplifting the spirits.

Cross the A661 Harrogate to Wetherby road. From the road crossing walk through Stockeld Grange Farm to join the Harland Way.

It follows the course of the dismantled railway line which used to facilitate trains between Harrogate and Church Fenton. The line operated from 1848 until it was closed as part of the Beeching cuts in 1964.

It provides an excellent cycle and walking track between the village of Spofforth and Wetherby.

Continue on Harland Way toward Wetherby following the line of the old railway track, passing under two bridges and walking past banks of hawthorn.

Leave the Harland Way and walk into Wetherby. You will emerge from the track you took from the Harland Way at the quirky building which houses Wetherby Cinema. Many provincial towns have ceased to operate a cinema, but Wetherby’s survives.

From the cinema walk on footpaths to the town centre, reaching Wetherby Town Hall, which was built in 1845.

Turning round 90 degrees to the left is the market hall. The frontage was erected by public conscription in 1911 to celebrate the coronation of King George V.

Leave the centre of Wetherby by walking over the town bridge and heading towards Wetherby Ings.

The highlight of the view was a weir across the river on the upstream south side.

After a pleasant stroll along the riverside, leave Wetherby Ings and the side of the River Wharfe by crossing a footbridge and walking across a playing field and then a pasture to track on a footpath across Wetherby Golf Course. You might see a group of golfers on the fairway of one hole as you make your way towards the Wetherby to Linton road.

Just before climbing a bank to the road, you pass by a lovely mature willow tree.

Head along the roadside to Linton and when you reach the village walk on Trip Road towards Woodhall Hotel.

From Trip Road follow a path across a field and by the side of Lime Kiln Wood.

The final section of the walk goes past Sicklinghall House and along Longlands Lane back to the village.

Walk back through the village after enjoying a great walk, with the Harland Way along the old railway track a particular highlight.

Lime Kiln Wood must be visited when the bluebell carpet is at its best. A wonderful walk indeed.

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