Popular spot to enjoy the arrival of autumn

Friday, 9th September 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:05 pm
A map of the route. Walk courtesy of The Walking Englishman

Set off from the village centre in a easterly direction down a lane to High Field Farm. At the farm, follow a bridleway southwards then cut off it due south down fields to a wooden bridge that leads around a distinct round shaped hill. Redding Hill in a different place is the type of hill you would expect to see a Castle atop. Skirt the hill to Low Snowden then up to Washburn Farm. Turn left in the farmyard and head east over fields down to a dale.

Halfway down the bank, stop for a while to look at Ellers Wood and Folly Hall Wood, which are on opposite banks of the River Washburn.

After taking it all, move on down into the dale to the river, which is crossed by means of a marvellous stone bridge. On the bridge a plaque reads “The Arthur Adamson Memorial Bridge - a lifelong rambler erected 1967 by his friends in the Ramblers Association”.

Arthur Adamson was a Leeds Alderman and must have been a popular man to have such a magnificent tribute built in his memory. The bridge is sturdy, built of Yorkshire grit stone and narrow, letting only one walker across at a time.

After the bridge the walk continues northwards along the River Washburn to Swinsty Reservoir Dam Embankment. This is another nice section of this short but highly enjoyable walk.

Cross the Reservoir Dam which leads towards the woodland of Swinsty Moor Plantation. After following the bridle road that surrounds Swinsty Reservoir, cut off just after Swinsty Hall into the heart of the woods.

When the woodland section ends, you emerge into open fields again.

Walk on into Timble, regaining the track you had originally left the village by.

And if you wish, walk to the pub and enjoy a drink and a snack.

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