Harrogate label's exciting new Status Quo linked rarity

Released by Harrogate independent record label Barrel And Squidger Records - Alan Lancasters Bombers  Live! with strong Status Quo connections.
Released by Harrogate independent record label Barrel And Squidger Records - Alan Lancasters Bombers Live! with strong Status Quo connections.

Remarkable Harrogate independent record label Barrel And Squidger Records is once again making the news at a national level with its latest vinyl release.

Founded by music fan Jason Hodgson, the label’s latest highly collectable release will be Status Quo co-founder and its former bassist Alan Lancaster’s Bombers - Live!

Recorded in Sydney in 1989, the album dates from the period when fellow original Quo member and drummer Coghlan was with the band.

Professionally captured on a mobile recording unit, the tape has recently been mastered by former Status Quo engineer and producer John Eden and, with the exception of the 2013/4 Status Quo reformation live albums, is the first full previously-unheard album by Lancaster to be issued in the UK since his last Quo album in 1983.

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Jason Hodgson said: “As everyone knows, Lancaster was fired from Quo after Live Aid. Living in Australia, he joined a supergroup called The Party Boys who then went on to have a number one single there on Epic, a hard rock cover of John Kongos' He's Gonna Step On You Again, best known here for the later Happy Mondays version known as "Step On".

“The Party Boys' album went platinum in Australia and was released in many other countries, but not the UK.

“After The Party Boys, Lancaster formed a new group called The Bombers whose first line-up included original Quo drummer John Coghlan, thus reuniting half of the "Frantic Four" incarnation of Quo.

“Coghlan only stayed in Australia for a few months before returning to the UK, after which The Bombers signed a deal with A&M and, with a new drummer, released a long-deleted and now highly-valuable studio album called Aim High - again, it was issued in many territories but not the UK.”

Since Jason Hodgson first set up Barrel And Squidger Records in late 2017 to release the Rock Remembers Rick EP, an all-star tribute record to Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt, which entered the UK physical singles charts at number two, it has continued its incredible track record of success.

First there was The Tallywags' World Cup single in 2018 featuring members of The Wildhearts and a former Sex Pistol , then an all-original 'New Wave Of Classic Rock'-style album Rough Business by Swedish band Sound Of Status, which sold exceptionally well on their recent UK tour.

The label had also put out a limited luxury double vinyl version of The Ship That Sailed, an album by York-based Americana troubador Boss Caine, who has been heard in session on Whispering Bob Harris' Radio 2 show.

Alan Lancaster’s Bombers – Live! will be released by Barrel And Squidger Records on limited red, white or blue vinyl with a CD release on October 11. It is available via musicglue.com/squidger

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