Everything you need to know to throw the perfect Peaky Blinders party

Peaky BlindersPeaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders
Filming on the latest series of Peaky Blinders is under way with the highly anticipated episodes to be screened next year.

Save yourself from getting withdrawal symptons by throwing a Peaky party.

Here’s everything you need to know to ensure your night is a blinder.

What to drink

Enjoying a Peaky Blinders cocktailEnjoying a Peaky Blinders cocktail
Enjoying a Peaky Blinders cocktail

Beer, Irish Whisky, gin, spiced rum, champagne

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Cocktails. Could include a Mary Pickford: white rum, pineapple jucel grenadine

Bee’s knees: gin honey, syrup, lemon juice

Sidecar cognac, cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugar rim

A crisp white shirt, tweed suit and an eight-panel cap are a mustA crisp white shirt, tweed suit and an eight-panel cap are a must
A crisp white shirt, tweed suit and an eight-panel cap are a must

Old fashioned, whisky, sletzer, Angostura Bitters, sugar cube

Where to hold it

The Garrison, obviously. This is the pub in the series. The Garrison is to Peaky’s what the Rovers is to Corrie.

The Garrison Pub is an ornate cathedral built to combat the gloom of poverty, located in Garrison Lane. During the Series 1, the landlord of the pub is Harry Fenton. In the Series 2, the pub is destroyed and has to be rebuilt. Thomas Shelby buys the pub from Harry and Arthur Shelby Jr. becomes the owner, though Harry still works there.

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With a few props and pieces from vintage shops - or carboots sales - it is easy to recreate its ambience.

What to wear

From overcoats and three-piece suits to peaked caps, the drama has taken the fashion show by storm.

For him

Peaky Blinders are known for their sharp suits, crisp shirts and, of course, their trademark caps. Steven Knight launched his own clothing company called Garrison Tailors in 2016 to enable people to emulate the look of the what he calls “the Peaky boys.”.

Tweed suit, crisp white shirt, tie, waist coast, leather boots, and the eight-panel caps.

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A wool overcoat and classic lace-up work boots are a must for any gangster look.

A pocket watch is the ultimate accessory. Umbrella optional.

Stockists include: Selfridges, Ted Baker and All Saints.

You can also rummage vintage clothes shops, high street stores and car boots

For her

When it comes to the leading ladies in Peaky Blinders, Aunt Polly, May Carleton and Ada Shelby certainly know how to dress the part.

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Fashion for women is all about getting loose. Drop waist, asash or belt around the low waist or hip and a skirt that hangs anywhere from ankle on up to the knee but never above. Cloche hats, seamed stockings, a purse, gloves and maybe jewellery. Shoes T-straps, single or double strap Mary Janes, and walking Oxfords.

Elegant and decadent with beaded flapper dresses or long evening gowns. Accessories include the head band, stoles, boas, braclets and necklaces

The fur coat

Real fur was probably most desirable in Aunt Polly’s day.

That’s not the case now and there are lots of great vintage style faux fur coats on the market.

Plenty of vintage clothes shops or high street options

What to eat

Main Courses

Fizz & Glitter

Fillet of Chicken Poached In Sparkling White Wine, Served With A Cream Sauce.


Arthur’s Allotment

Casserole Of Allotment Vegetables Served With Dumplings.

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Served with crushed new potatoes, buttered cabbage parcel and a Carrot and swede puree


A Blinding Finish

Gin and Lime Cheesecake served with a Gin Coulis


Prohibition Pudding

Sticky Toffee and Rum Pudding served with a Toffee Sauce


A mix of old and new - true to period and the series.

A suggested play list would include:

Swanee - Al Jolson; Whispering -Paul Whiteman; Crazy Blues - Mamie Smith; When My Baby Smiles at Me - Ted Lewis and his Orchestra; Dardanella - Ben Selvin; St Louis Blues Marion Harris; The Love Nest - John Steel; I’ve Got My Captain Working for Me Now - Al Jolson; The Japanese Sandman - Paul Whiteman; Hold Me - Art Hickman

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (theme tune); the Hardest Button To Button – The White Stripes; Broken Boy Soldier – The Raconteurs; Love Is Blindness – Jack White; Love Is Blindness – Jack White; I Want Some More’ – Dan Auerbach; Long Snake Moan – PJ Harvey; What He Wrote – Laura Marling; Come On Over – Royal Blood; You And Whose Army?’ – Radiohead

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