Celebration of languages goes parfaitement

Celebration of Languages Day at Harrogate Grammar School.
Celebration of Languages Day at Harrogate Grammar School.

Primary school children have visited Harrogate Grammar School to take part in its Celebration of Languages Day.

Pupils were welcomed from Rossett Acre, Oatlands, Pannal, Western Primary and Forest School who along with ten grammar school sports leaders from Years 7-10 had lots of fun and learning opportunities in an action packed timetable.

The event was opened for the first time in its history with greetings in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese by Tim Milburn, director of lower school.

Music teacher Ms Segal taught a reflective song in English and German to mark the 70 anniversary of the ending of the Second World War.

Performances in foreign languages of songs, dances and a film with sign language by the primary school pupils had everyone up on their feet applauding.

Alissa Reilly, modern foreing languages co-ordinator at Western Primary school, said: “The best part of the morning was the ‘Carousel of Language activities’ – it gave the opportunity for the children to try a new language and develop a love for learning a language.

“The children particularly loved the language lab and can’t wait to use it in lessons when they move up to Harrogate Grammar School.

“Italian also proved very popular with the children. Personally, I relish the chance to have a go at Chinese each year as it’s the one language I know absolutely nothing about at all.”