Up-coming Harrogate Comedy Festival star on Weetabix and more!

He’s been described as “one of the sharpest comic minds to have emerged in recent years by The Guardian and is set to take Harrogate Comedy Festival by storm.

Comedian James Acaster and his Lawnmower show are on their way to Harrogate Theatre on October 14.

James is exactly the kind of up-coming-young comedian the festival has done so well to discover over the years.

And don’t let the subject of lawnmowers put you off - or his wayard dress sense (he dresses a bit like me).

James’ Lawnmower show, was nominated for Best Comedy Show award at this year’s Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

The man himself describes his own show thus:

“It’s a low key whimsical stand-up comedy show where the trivial subjects become the most important in all the world.”

Since winning Off The Kerb’s Laughing Boy New Act of the Year in 2010, James has received critical acclaim for his other Edinburgh shows Amongst Other Things and Prompt, as well as gaining another nomination in 2012 for the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

All this by a man from Kettering, too!

James is anything but embarassed to hail from that neck of the woods which is most famous for its Weetabix factory, a topic which tends to crop up in James’s stage set.

He said: “ It feels good to be from Kettering, it’s a mellow place, full of hip dudes. I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m one of the biggest exports!”

In fact, he credits it with having helped him sharpen his stage skills.

“I go for milk and sugar when I’m eating Weetabix – the classic. The real trick is to get them as firm or supple as you like. You develop a great sense of timing when you’re a regular bix eater.”

James has made a number of TV appearances including Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC Three), Dave’s One Night Stand (Dave), Show and Tell (E4), Live at The Comedy Store (Paramount) and the Edinburgh Fest Comedy Gala (BBC Three).

And he’s also achieved something of a break-through on radio.

James is to record his own Radio 4 series next year before returning to live action in New Zealand for the comedy festival in May.

He also intends to write another show which he will take to Edinburgh and out on tour in 2014.

Not for him the big-time inspirations, the Richard Pryors and Peter Kays.

When asked which comedians inspired him to pursue a career in stand-up, he replies:

“There was a man in a red jacket who hosted the village variety show when I was 12. He was funny and made telling jokes look like an enjoyable profession.

“ Looking back though some of his jokes were inappropriate.

james acaster performs at Harrogate Theatre studio as part of Harrogate Comedy Festival on monday, October 14.

For tickets, call 01423 502116 or book online at www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk