Ripon Spa Hotel to host thrilling play


Ripon Spa Hotel is to present a thrilling ripping yarn based on a book of great horror stories.

Performed by North Coutry Theatre in association with Harrogate Theatre, The Lighthouse on Shivering Sands, is a tale of deceit and revenge is by Yorkshire’s most prolific writer J S Fletcher.

It was discovered in a book of 100 Great Horror Stories by none other than the award-winning North Country Theatre’s own director, Nobby Dimon.

Nobby Dimon said: “I was drawn in by the names initially.

“Pharaoh Nanjulian, Jezreel Cornish and Mordechai Chiddock, and the idea of three men thrown together on a lighthouse.

“But as their stories unfold you begin to wonder which of the keepers, if any, is telling the truth.”

The suspense starts when the new keeper arrives on the supply boat at the lighthouse. Three men, two of them sworn enemies, share the confined space but with talk of murder, madness and revenge how long will it be before one of them will carry out his threat?

Will the light remain lit? And is that really a seal basking on a nearby rock or could it be a mermaid?

The Lighthouse on Shivering Sands company is made up of a number of North Country Theatre regulars.

Chiddock is played by Mark Cronfield, who was Paul in last year’s acclaimed Rocking Horse Winner production.

His sworn enemy Jezreel Cornish is played by Simon Kirk the uncle in last years play and Nobby Dimon plays Graburn, the regulations man and principal keeper who keeps the light lit and the two men apart.

Vivienne Garnett, who made her professional debut with North Country Theatre’s 2005 production of The Imitation Game, has recently returned from Australia and will be playing all the women.

The production takes place at Ripon Spa Hotel on Wednesday, November 21 at 7.30pm

For tickets, please ring 01765 600281.

There is also a pre-show, two-course supper available.