Review: UK Foo Fighters tribute band storm back to their roots

Jay of UK Foo Fighters Tribute Band. (Picture by Edyta Krzeska)
Jay of UK Foo Fighters Tribute Band. (Picture by Edyta Krzeska)

For anyone who might have wondered how good a band from Harrogate now taking Britain by storm as the nation's leading Foo Fighters tribute outfit could possibly be, lead singer Jay Apperley and co gave the perfect answer in a rare hometown gig.

Keen to support local music at Monteys Rock Cafe in The Ginnel in Harrogate, the band raced through an hour and a half set following acoustic support sets by local singer-songwriters Aaron Bertenshaw and Martin Rose.

There were plenty of Foos hits on show - from Learn to Fly to Times Like These and The Pretender - but the UK Foo Fighters Tribute Band showed their supreme self-confidence earned by playing so many big shows in recent years by throwing in plenty of album tracks, too.

Mssrs Apperley Jamie Valentine (lead guitar), Arron Warner (bass), Nick Wight (keyboards) and Alex Bailey (drums) hit the international headlines earlier in the year when the real Dave Grohl asked Jay to join the real Foos on stage and sing lead vocals at a show in Brighton.

Jay and the band's hard-won. high-profile experience of late certainly showed at the Monteys gig.

After a rusty first song where they bravely took on a new Foos track, they simply got tighter and better and harder with each number.

Jay worked the crowd as if he was headlining an arena gig, just one held in a much smaller venue.

Like any good band, the body language between the members was good throughout, smiles and laughs being exchanged regularly between Jay and the the guitarist, the guitarist and the drummer and the drummer and the bassist throughout the show.


If this was the UK Foo Fighters Tribute band off duty, fans who have seen them on the their current Sonic Motorways tour must have some amazing stories to tell.

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