READER REVIEWS - Bond, James Bond.


Have you ever fancied yourself as an amateur reviewer? And could you do a better job than our own connoisseur, Gig Scene editor Graham Chalmers?

Well here’s your chance to try. Our very own, salaried reviewer, has submitted his Bond critique below.

“It’s the 23rd film outing for 007 and I thought I’d try and review Skyfall in 23 words”, he said. “So here goes:

“Daniel Craig proves he’s a Bond to rival Connery in a dark, epic adventure directed by Sam Mendes with real class and flair.”

“If Bond wasn’t such a long film, I’d go see it again this afternoon,” he adds, as an afternote in the office.

Can you do a better job? Submit your Bond reviews below. (You’re allowed more than 23 words, try for about 100).

To get you started, here’s one by ReporterRuby;

“I quite liked it. I’m not a film aficionado, I know nothing about the classics. I’m not even a Bond fan, particularly. But maybe that’s what helped me, I had no expectations. I’ve heard the office reviews - dark, misoginistic, overrated. I found it quite fun. My friend and I were, admittedly, pretty much the only women in the cinema. It was largely middle aged men, one with purple sideburns, most though, had very little hair. But it was fast paced, swish, funny in places. A bit long, maybe, but I quite enjoyed the explosions. And, thankfully, nobody clapped at the end.”

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