New movies: How good is Finding Dory?

Finding Nero (Walt Disney Pictures).
Finding Nero (Walt Disney Pictures).

Finding Dory (Walt Disney Pictures): Review by Rob Ryan

Finding Dory is probably the most worthy sequel to Finding Nemo that we have got.

This is coming from someone who months ago was disliking the idea of a Finding Dory even coming out in the first place. Let alone a Toy Story 4 or Cars 3. Surprising I know.

A year after the events of Finding Nemo Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) a wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from memory loss every 10 seconds or so remembers that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child.

With help from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them.

Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. Dory now knows that her family reunion will only happen if she can save mom and dad from captivity.

What makes this film work are a few things.

One is that It does not rely on nostalgia for the original film and actually has the nerve to set up new characters while also explore aspects that where never really explained in "Nemo" for example did anyone wonder "where did Dory come from? and the film takes the time to explore her mental illness but also develop her as a character.

This is the most engaging aspect of the film and it sets up some really heartfelt moments that do feel genuine and earned.One thing people where worried about is whether or not if Dory (a likeable supporting character) would work for a main character in her own movie because Pixar's last sequel Cars 2 had a supporting character turned into a main character in Mater.

If you have seen the film when it came out then you will know how badly that turned out. In the case of this Dory worked as a main character and she never once got annoying or tiresome and her playing of the new characters such as provided for some good laughs.

You get wrapped up in her story and Ellen DeGeneres has not lost a step in her portrayal for the character same goes to Albert Brooks as Marlin who's sarcastic personality added a lot of the humour.

The new characters where also a nice touch such as Hank the octopus who is the best audition to the film. His grouchy humour gives him a lot charm and you grow to feel for Hank's and Dory's chemistry as the film progresses and both share some of the more heartfelt scenes.

And what would a good Pixar film would be without some moments that pull your heartstrings.

Admittedly Finding Dory does not have the same emotional weight as "Nemo" but when it hits it hits hard.

My only issues with this film is that I feel the plot felt a bit rushed in some places and while the animation is beautiful and well realised it does not push the boundaries as expected from Pixar.

But when its all said and done Finding Dory was a real surprise. It may not be as good as "Nemo" (But it was never going to be now was it) but its a highly enjoyable, Sweet and fun family film that makes fans nostalgic for the original without having to just rely on nostalgia. This is another strong effort from Pixar and it looks like their starting to get their game back.

Rating: 4/5

Oh and stay through the credits.