Mystery of chain sculpture artist revealed

THE unknown artist whose eye-catching sculptures in Knaresborough have been attracting massive media attention this week has finally been revealed.

The three unique wooden sculptures carved into old tree trunks along the picturesque banks of the River Nidd on Abbey Road have proved hugely popular and inspiring amongst locals in and around the town with people flocking to view the intricately carved pieces.

This week, the chairman of Knaresborough Civic Society, Althea Farmer, confirmed that the sculptures have been carved by chainsaw sculptor Tommy Craggs.

Based in County Durham, Tommy was commissioned by the private landowner to do three pieces - a diving kingfisher, a dragon and a face known as King Hollow Face, after the owner was reluctant to cut the tree trunks down to ground level following demands from the council.

Having learnt the use of chainsaws and tree felling in his work, Tommy practices his art form on trees which have either fallen naturally or need to be felled for woodland management purposes.

His skills with a chainsaw and love of art from his school years can be seen through his work and the eye-catching sculptors are well worth a visit if you’re visiting Knaresborough in the near future.

l To see more of Tommy’s work, you can visit the website at