Teeth of the Sea rock Katana


Teeth of the Sea, You’ll Learn + Minimalism to the Max, Katana, Harrogate.

Katana bar hosted the fantastic London-based band Teeth of the Sea as part of the Harrogate International Festival Fringe.

The bar, usually filled with a trendy crowd, instead was full of bearded, bespectacled chaps in skinny jeans and checked shirts. I fitted right in.

The first band, You’ll Learn, an impossibly noisy avant-garde band, seemed to scare off some of the regular crowd by playing Texas and other rubbish 90’s pop music and screaming over the top of it. It made me laugh.

As they are from Leeds, I suspect they might be taking the Michael somewhat. Not to everyone’s taste, but an entertaining display.

Teeth of the Sea, who hasd traveleld up from London just for the show, were incredible.

Playing post-rock brilliance, with looping trumpet, beautiful visuals (from VJ Quadrod, who played Ligeti and Riley later on the PA), a three-piece drum kit and some creative guitar playing that involved the beams in Katan.

Impressing the small but enthusiastic crowd from as far afield as Bolton, it was without a doubt one of the best gigs I have even been to in Harrogate.

I liked them so much I even bought a T-shirt.

Jem Henderson