Rock ’n rollers move from Flash Gordon to Katana!


ONE of the country’s most exciting rock bands is coming to play Katana in Harrogate shortly.

North London-based Teeth of the Sea, once performed the entire Queen soundtrack of the movie Flash Gordon in full costume.

The unconventional four-piece, who combine elements of post-rock, psychedelia, prog, ambient and Rave in their sound, won rave reviews for Your Mercury, their second album on Rocket Recordings.

Talking to the Harrogate Advertiser Series, band member Sam Barton said this mesmerising, menacing space-rock band didn’t like to be lumped in with any label and weren’t embarrassed to like Flash Gordon.

He said:: “Flash Gordon embodies the Teeth of the Sea spirit perfectly. Stupid, exciting, beautiful, camp, weird, funny.

“The soundtrack is just fantastic, whatever way you look at it, a real high watermark both for Queen and for film soundtracks in general.

“We did cover the whole thing in full costume, with the film screened as a backdrop - further proof I believe of our ‘no idea is too ridiculous’ ethos.”

The band, who are making the journey north on Friday, July 22 exclusively for the Harrogate International Festival Fringe, will be supported by Leeds mavericks You’ll Learn, who combine rap music with electronic soundscapes.

The evening at Katana Bar on Union Street will conclude into the wee small hours with a 3D music event Minimalism to the Max.

VJ Quadrod will mix live visuals and music from ambient, psychedelic, Krautrock and post-rock acts such as Battles, Can, Neu, Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Mogwai, Pink Floyd and more.

For ticket information, telephone 01423 522 277 or email or visit