Review - Geldof escapes the trap

Sir Bob Geldof on stage at the Royal Hall in Harrogate. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)
Sir Bob Geldof on stage at the Royal Hall in Harrogate. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)

Bob Geldof, Royal Hall,


Friday night in Harrogate and another legend arrives to play a half empty concert at The Royal Hall.

Other than the Boomtown Rats hits, I Don’t Like Mondays and Rat Trap and Live Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas, Geldof’s music has been low key for a considerable period of time to all but the most hardened of fans.

Who knew the Rats’ hit Banana Republic was a bigger hit in mainland Europe that Mondays was here?

Not knowing what to expect, other than a trip down memory lane, sitting with the loyal few, it soon became clear why they are loyal.

This man can perform like a real rock star. Even at 60 years of age he commands the stage with tight band and his tight shiny suit.

Geldof’s new music owes much more to the rhythm’s of the Caribbean mixed with some good old American bluegrass and country music. Tracks such as Systematic Six Pack and the excellent Scream show a whole different side to the Geldof of the Boomtown Rat’s days.

The tracks from his 2011 album How to Compose Popular Songs That Sell, meant as an ironic title, really are little short of excellent.

Closing the show with the hit Rat Trapsent the crowd onto its feet and dancing.

Geldof deserves better recognition and respect for his new music as well as his past.

Stuart Rhodes