Pateley Bridge band make it onto Radio One playlist

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A band from Pateley Bridge had their single played on Radio One last week as part of the stations BBC introducing programme.

Their single Midnight was played by DJs Greg James and Scott Mills and included in Huw Stevens free weekly download.

Lead singer and guitarist Doug Wallace said: “I found out when my bandmate Louis told me.

“He rang me at midday on April 2nd to tell me and I said, ‘You’re a day too late, April Fools’ Day was yesterday.’

“It took a couple of days to sink in and for me to believe it, it’s a very strange thing.”

The band started as a three piece in Pateley Bridge when Doug Wallace and brothers Louis and Tommy Leatherbarrow were in their early teens.

The band have developed over the years with Jaz Asquith from Morley joining as a backing vocalist.

Doug said: “Me and Louis both went to Nidderdale High School, we met because our mum’s thought we would get along.

“We had nothing in common so started playing music to fill the time and it went from there.”

Despite being responsibly for the incarnation of the band, Doug’s mother unfortunately missed out hearing her son on the radio.

Doug said: “She was away in India so missed it but she’s really excited and happy for us.

“I didn’t even hear it on the radio myself, I kept missing it so had to listen on the catch up on the website.

“I skipped over the song a few times and just listened to the DJs talk about it.

“You get quite sick of a song having to listen to it over and over when writing it and editing it.”

The band got their chance to be played on Radio One through BBC Radio York.

Doug explained: “We have had a few different songs played on the BBC York introducing show and someone from Radio One must have picked it up.”

The band have seen an increase in interest since the airplay on Radio One.

Doug said: “We’ve probably made a bit of money from downloads, but I think I’ve probably spent most of it.

“I’ve been eating out for fancy breakfasts since I’ve been back at university.”

Doug is currently in his final few weeks of an Interactive Media Design course at Northumbria University.

He said: “We have had some attention from labels and have lined up some meetings, all from the radio play.

“Fingers crossed something will happen. I graduate this year and would love to avoid the graduate job hunt.”