Magnificent Sulk in album launch at Monteys

Sulk. (Picture by  Lilly Creightmore)
Sulk. (Picture by Lilly Creightmore)

By Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

You’ve got to admire local lads who make good without forgetting where they came from - and then play a free gig!

Having launched their excellent debut album Graceless in London (produced by Ed Buller of Suede fame), Sulk are leaving the ‘big smoke’ to do a sort of ‘Album Launch North’ at Monteys Rock Café in Harrogate tonight, Wednesday, May 29.

Featuring two ex-Harrogate musicians, lead singer Jon Sutcliffe and rhythm guitarist Andy Needle, you might remember this fantastic, rippling modern guitar band from a show they did for Harrogate Fringe Crawl Day at Monteys last July.

Described by The Guardian as “like the Stone Roses if they’d signed to Creation - with joyful, uplifting harmonies, giant psychedelic guitar riffs and, of course, tambourines”, this exciting band are well worth catching when they play Monteys next Wednesday, May 29.

The support band are pretty cracking, too, Dark Bells, also from London and also a great psychedelic guitar band.