Golden moments galore from Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams on stage at the 02 Academy in Leeds. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)
Ryan Adams on stage at the 02 Academy in Leeds. (Picture by Stuart Rhodes)

Review by Stuart Rhodes

Ryan Adams, O2 Academy, Leeds.

Singer-songwriter, musician and producer​, Ryan Adams is the latest major American artist to hit the stage of the Leeds O2 Academy.

Performing for a capacity crowd of loyal fans, Adams has had both a prolific solo career​ and ​as a former member of ​county​ band ​Whiskey Town,​ with whom he recorded three studio albums.

In 2001 Adams ​hit UK gold with the album titled Gold, which included the hit single, ​New York, New York. ​

​Last ​September​ ​Adams released his 14th ​studio ​album​ titled simply​ ​Ryan Adams​ which brings us to his current tour of Europe.

Suffering from Menieres disease, a vertigo inducing eye condition the stage was very dimly lit with no lighting effects and pleas to the audience to switch off the flash on their cameras, sadly not heeded by everyone, leading to a rant from Adams and two being leaving the otherwise considerate audience. Even the pool of media photographers were made to shoot from the sound desk, almost at the rear of the room

The set was a steady stream of new songs from the latest album and old favourites.

Worthy of note of the new songs Gimmie Something Good is a steady rocky song with Adams trade mark guitar riff and strong, if as usual heartfelt lyrics.

My Wrecking Ball sees Adams move to his acoustic best, played with passion and in a way that you simply have to listen and soak up the words. Its back to the rocking Adams for a personal favourite ‘Tired of Giving Up’ with its steady toe tapping riff.

The old songs come across well, New York New York rings out and the band sounds alive and get the warmest greetings from the audience, struggling to see Adams in the half light.

Classic songs Lucky Now and Come Home only serve to cement the love of the audience for a truly great American song writer and as he moves onto to Ireland to continue his tour it wont belong before he is back creating more golden moments for his fans here in the UK.