Gig Scene: Harrogate Brasserie is a video star

NADV 1306212AM5 Harrogate Brasserie. (1306212AM5)
NADV 1306212AM5 Harrogate Brasserie. (1306212AM5)

By Graham Chalmers

It’s not the first place you’d expect to be the star of a music video – despite its status as Harrogate’s preeminent home of live jazz - but the Harrogate Brasserie has done just.

Nicki Allan.

Nicki Allan.

The cosy eaterie and venue on Cheltenham Parade was the prime location for the impressive new video by one of its resident singers.

Nicki Allan, who is also principal voice study coach at the Royal Northern College of Music, said:

“The Brasserie is a special place for music. It has a fantastic atmosphere – dark and chic.”

The video for her self-penned single Love’s A Lonely Traveller isn’t the first time the all-rounder Nicki has appeared in front of the cameras but the new video is certainly the best she’s been involved with.

The versatile singer said she had enjoyed working with the cameraman Jack Walsh, who is a young graduate from York University.

“I sent him my song’s lyrics and a basic storyline. He suggested a lead actor for the narrative part of the shoot. We had to get to the Brasserie for the shoot pretty early because customers were due to arrive at 3pm!”

Nicki, who performs to diners each Wednesday and Thursday evening atHarrogate Brasserie, is delighted with the completed video which is set to be entered in the UK Video Awards in June.

To watch Love’s A Lonely Traveller, visit