Fieldhouse’s brilliant new single set to make ripples

Singer-songwriter Lewis Fieldhouse.
Singer-songwriter Lewis Fieldhouse.

Review by Graham Chalmers

Lewis Fieldhouse:

The Water’s Fine (single)

Born in the wilds of North Yorkshire, schooled at Paul McCartney’s LIPA, what I like most about Lewis Fieldhouse’s new single is that it isn’t James Morrison or James Blunt or Ed Sheeran, even.

By which I mean, unlike other more formulaic singer-songwriters, this song written for a new Canadian indie film doesn’t follow a straight line.

As befits such a thoughtful and intelligent musician, The Water’s Fine evolves slowly, changing from tender acoustic ballad to mildy prog-ish indie rock.

Atmospheric and subtle, full of gorgeous harmonies, it’s also perfectly arranged and beautifully weighted.

As a result, The Water’s Fine’s central lyrical metaphor is mirrored by the rise and fall of its musical progression.

Quietly brilliant, heartbreakingly lovely.

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