Enter Shikari - hardcore but not hard to like

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Enter Shikari will bring not only a touch of youthful rock to the main stage at this year’s Leeds Festival but also some genuine idealism in an age of cynicism.

Set to play at Bramham Park in front of an estimated 70,000 people on the final night of the three-day festival next month, this action-packed band are sure to make a big impact live with their latest album A Flash Flood of Colour.

Speaking to this St Alban’s four-piece’s drummer Rob Rolfe, I learned the following, writes Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers.

But let’s hear from Rob in his own words, rather than me waffling on.

On drumming: “I feel like the drums are my cage. All the rest of the band are free to run around on stage and leap around and I’m stuckat the back.”

On being distrib uted by a major label (Warners) after years on indie label Ambush Reality: “I’m glad we did it. We’ve been doing everything ourselves for so long now, it’s nice to have the hard work done by somene else.

“But we are already experiencing the other side - all the bureaucracy. We don’t get to set release dates. We’re control freaks a bit. We’re happy to get good advice but at the end of the day we like to have the final say in everything.”

On travel: “We travel a lot and we’re not boy scouts but we do like to experience new places properly, like the art galleries etc. We like to learn, It’s good to get a better understanding of things.”

On other bands: “We’re interested in everything we come across. We like new noises, new sounds, new ideas.

“We’ve been touring with Let Live, who’re incredible live. There’s a Dutch drum n bass group we love right now called Noisia. In terms of UK bands, we like the James Cleaver Quintet who’re fast, aggressive - rock but with a little bit of jazz.”

Enter Shikari play Leeds Festival on Sunday, August 26 with a DJ set in the Relentless tent afterwards. www.leedsfestival.com/

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