Harrogate singer Holly wows Nashville legend

Holly Rose Webber with legendary American music producer Ray Kennedy.
Holly Rose Webber with legendary American music producer Ray Kennedy.

Plenty of artists from a ‘rock’ background have made the pilgrimage to the home of country music since Bob Dylan’s classic 1969 album Nashville Skyline.

But few ‘unsigned’ British singers have gone across to work with a Grammy Award-winner.

Harrogate’s Holly Rose Webber has returned after recording several tracks with top producer Ray Kennedy, a man who has truly done it all.

Holly said: “I’ve never worked to hard in my life but it was worth every second.

“Nashville was so fantastic. I had the best time. It was really full-on. I didn’t leave the studio the whole time I was there.”

Holly travelled to Nashville with her musician father Roy, her musical mentor Frank Mizen, my mentor, her regular producer Dan Mizen and Jake Peppiate, a talented camera man and director who was making a film of the trip.

It proved to be a busy week as Ray passed on some of his wisdom and put Holly through her paces with the cream of Nashville’s musicians.

Holly said: “We had seven days to record a five-track EP which we did successfully and the songs sound great.

“Ray records using the most incredible vintage equipment in order to capture a real and pure sound.

“All the takes were done live as he doesn’t believe in auto tune but, in doing so, he really captured the emotion and live feel.

“He also really understands the art of songwriting. He’s a perfectionist, He’s been inspirational to me.”

Ray himself has been impressed with heartfelt singer-songwriter Holly.

Ray said: “Holly Rose Webber is a very strong willed and powerful singer. She has a distinctive sound and pours loads of emotion into her songs that come from real life experiences. I know Holly will be a successful because she has the talent, the passion and an amazing desire to be a significant recording artist and entertainer.”

All has gone so well, in fact, that Holly has been invited back to Nashville to work again with Ray.

She is currently working on her second album at Warehouse Recording Studio in Harrogate.