Feast of black ‘n’ white films and great food

Ingird Bergman in the classic Casablanca.
Ingird Bergman in the classic Casablanca.

When The Artist swept the board at The Academy Awards earlier in the year, it felt as if cinema itself had come full circle.

Inspired by the film’s phenomenal success, the World’s Smallest Film Festival in July will offer a full day of classic films shot in black and white.

Presented by Harrogate International Festival Fringe, this exclusive event on Sunday, July 1 will give 14 lucky film fans the chance to enjoy 12 hours of great movies and great food in a stylish location at award winning Rudding Park.

Curated by Graham Chalmers and Rick Burin, true movie aficionados, as well journalists at the Harrogate Advertiser, this exciting new event’s theme is simple - Everything Is Better in Black and White.

Graham Chalmers said: “There’s something about black and white that inspires the imagination. Black and white films have a romance and a glamour without even trying which applies just as much to a film made last year as 90 years ago.”

As well as indulging in some of the best films of all time, the select audience will also be offered lunch, dinner and snacks at Rudding Park’s award-winning Clocktower Restaurant.

The handpicked films cover the spectrum of cinema history from the golden age of Buster Keaton’s classic silent comedy Sherlock Jr (1924) to the modern era and The Artist itself (2011). Other highlights in the day’s programme include the witty detective rom-com The Thin Man (1934) starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, the all-time classic Casablanca (1942) starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, French ‘New Wave’ director Francois Truffaut’s groundbreaking drama Les Quatre Cents Coups (1959) and Woody Allen’s Oscar-nominated Manhattan (1979) co-starring Diane Keaton set in a gorgeous-looking New York.

Graham Chalmers said: “Nostalgia for better times is very rarely in colour but why is that? Why do we tend to associate good times from the past with mono rather than colour?

An all-day ticket for food including films is available at £60.

Overnight packages are also available.

Tickets are available on 01423 871350.