Preview - Harrogate launch for Keeper of Bees EP

Harrogate launch gig - Vicky Richardson AKA Keeper of Bees.
Harrogate launch gig - Vicky Richardson AKA Keeper of Bees.

One of the Harrogate area’s most talented singer-songwriters will launch her stunning new EP tomorrow, Saturday night.

After winning acclaim and fans as the founder and leader of the hauntingly gothic Dragonfly Tattoo, Vicky Richardson has evolved into the slightly more electronic Keeper of Bees with her debut EP Believe which features three new tracks.

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Taking place at Starling Bar on Oxford Street on August 3 from 8pm, entry is free and support comes from the popular Paul Mirfin who, himself, has a new EP coming out.

The three new tracks on Believer are as moving and mesmerising as ever, though with the atmospheric flavour of electronica and more positive vibes.

Featuring Find You, Brighter (A song about Huddersfield) and Believer, Keeper of Bees’ debut release has been hailed as “beautifully crafted, a smoldering blend of fragility and strength.”

Mixing acoustic with electronica, Vicky’s new songs take place between the ticks of the clock, a fragment of time slowed to a soulful warmth and stillness.

Weaving powerful soundscapes using loops and piano to provide lush settings for haunting vocals, Keeper of Bees offer transcendent sounds to uplift the mind.

It’s a big, bold step from the days of Dragonfly Tattoo and EPs such as Closer to the Sun, with wild tracks such as Mad Cat Woman stately, semi-classical moments like Spider Song, which was this newspaper’s top local release of 2014.

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