Harrogate's amazing young filmmaker: why you should support him

Kickstarter campaign - Award-winning Harrogate filmmaker Sam Hartshorn, left.
Kickstarter campaign - Award-winning Harrogate filmmaker Sam Hartshorn, left.

It may not quite make Harrogate the Hollywood of England but there are at least six independent home-based filmmakers active in the town whose completed productions end up being shown in public.

The latest creative figure to emerge is award-winning young Harrogate filmmaker Sam Hartshorn who started making films when he was in short trousers.

Now he is not only starting work on his first feature film, he’s shooting it in Harrogate itself as a “love letter” to his home town.

That means local actors, local, er, locations and local musicians for the soundtrack.

To that end, he’s issuing an exciting invitation for people hoping to get experience of movie-making to get involved.

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Sam said: “We’re shooting in the month of August 2019 and are currently looking for locations, props and actors.

“I want it to be a sort of love letter to Harrogate.”

Called Cardboard Fort, the script follows the life of a teenager called Charlie growing up as the new-kid-on-the-block.

It’s very far from the first film project for Sam.

Sam said: “I’ve been making short films since I was six-years-old, starting with little skits based on Star Wars and Doctor Who and enlisting the entire youth of my village as my actors.”

Since then, Sam’s cinematic ambitions have shone brightly. He’s won several awards for his work, including EON’s Ones To Watch award in 2016. And he built a YouTube channel which has more than 1.6 million views.

Now studying Film and Television Production at the University of York, it’s time to scale up his efforts in movies.

Sam said: “I love making short films but I’ve decided now is the time to make the jump to a feature film.”

A bigger ambition requires a bigger budget.

To that end Sam has also launched a Kickstarter campaign. Anyone hoping to get involved, should contact samhartshornfilms@gmail.com

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