Bird’s Nest Billy adventure

Bird's Nest Billy, Carriageworks, Feb 19-20 2019
Bird's Nest Billy, Carriageworks, Feb 19-20 2019

Harrogate Theatre is to stage an adventurous, playful show for three-seven-year-olds and their grown-ups on Saturday March 9.

Bird’s Nest Billy follows the story of little boy Billy who has a big brother called Bo.

They both have big hair. Bird’s nest hair!

One day, when his big brother is at school and Billy has no-one to play with, a magical bird chirps out of his big, curly, bird’s nest hair.

The bird grants him three wishes.

The show brings his fantastical adventures to life with Fidget’s trademark wit and warmth, blending imaginative storytelling, puppetry and playful audience interaction.

Leeds-based Fidget Theatre, led by co-artistic directors Ruth Cooper and Andrea Heaton, love to take the familiar and make it fantastical.

They specialise in playful and imaginative work for young children and family audiences.

And their shows merge the recognisable with the magical and the adventurous.

Audience participation is welcomed, especially among those who love a good fidget.

The show will be perfomed on Saturday March 9, in Harrogate at 1, 2, 3, and 4pm.