A Harrogate star: Forget Neil Young, it's Niall Summerton

Dreamy rustic Harrogate indie folk musician Niall Summerton making his new video at Ilkley Moor.
Dreamy rustic Harrogate indie folk musician Niall Summerton making his new video at Ilkley Moor.

A Harrogate indie folk musician who aims to create a truly individual approach to music has just released a stunning new video.

Shot on Ilkley Moor, the dreamy visuals suit the dreamy sounds of bearded young singer-songwriter Niall Summerton on the softly crooned song Oh, To Waste My Time!

There are some other singer-songwritery influences of this swoonsome song, such as Neil Young.

But the end result, written and produced by Niall himself in basement in Hyde Park, is something all of his own – the song even has a sax solo!

Niall, who is studying at Leeds College of Music, has already made a name for himself playing shows around Leeds with his band.

Spotify hailed his style as “laidback bedroom pop instrumentals (with just a hint of country twang) meet heartfelt lyrics and a refined songwriting prowess.”

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Niall says he is still grateful for the inspiration he gained as a youngster from teachers in Harrogate.

Niall, who recently recorded a session for renowned Harrogate-based music production company Ont’ Sofa, said: “I was introduced to musical instruments throughout my time at Harrogate High School.

“I was lucky enough to have two great music teachers that gave me free reign to experiment with instruments and create individual artistic sound.”

As for his new song and video, which was filmed by Olivia Ferrara, it, too, shows Niall has not left his roots behind.

He said: “The song takes inspiration from the country twang of Neil Young, with the softly intimate vocals of the likes of Joni Mitchell.

“We took the long hike up Ilkley Moor, both for the stunning views and to represent the connection my compositional approach to music has with my upbringing within the rolling hills of North Yorkshire.”

Next up? Niall’s debut EP.

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