Emily Blunt rom-com is a cut above

Emily Blunt in Five Year Engagement.
Emily Blunt in Five Year Engagement.

The Five-Year Engagement (15) by Rick Burin

This romantic comedy from the Judd Apatow stable starts brilliantly and ends well, but suffers from a sour and silly middle third in which its hero is reinvented as a deeply unhappy deer-hunter with mutton chops.

Yes, I know.

Sous chef Jason Segel proposes to English girlfriend Emily Blunt, but after her work takes them from San Francisco to the snowy cultural wasteland of Michigan, their relationship begins to sputter.

And that’s where the terrifying whiskers come in.

Apatow’s improvisational approach creates fun but flabby films that are always good but never great, with sentimental central stories too serious to engender much comedy, leading him to shove in subplots and supporting characters to supply the laughs. While that works comically, it also results in a shapelessness and lack of focus.

Still, Blunt is excellent, her easy, gently-joshing charm creating chemistry with everyone she plays against, while the film’s secret weapons are its sweet, funny second leads, played by two of the brightest talents from two of the best sitcoms around: Parks and Recreation’s Chris Pratt and Community’s Alison Brie.

Pratt’s very public song – in which he attempts to list Segel’s conquests to the tune of We Didn’t Start the Fire – and his monologue about the importance of honesty in a relationship are the comic highlights in a film which has many.

This is no classic of the genre – the narrative is too muddled and padded for that – but the appealing leads and a typically strong supporting cast make it work, even when the hirsute, murderous Segel takes to serving mead from a hairy mug.

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