Chaika - Great guitar band plus Fraser Wright's photographs at Major Tom's, Harrogate

Leeds band Chaika who are playing Major Tom's in Harrogate on Thursday, November 26.
Leeds band Chaika who are playing Major Tom's in Harrogate on Thursday, November 26.

For fans of rock guitar bands steeped in atmosphere, Major Tom’ s Social in Harrogate is hosting a gig this Thursday night with a superb band - and an art exhibition.

Leeds-based classic garage rock/psych guitar band Chaika headline the bill next Thursday night with support from Harrogate’s acoustic duo The Paper Waits plus ex-Birdman Rallies singer-songwriter John Davey.

Always happy to collaborate on new ideas and travel across genres, Charm is delighted to be sharing the evening with the launch of a new exhibition of photographs at Major Tom's Social.
Presented by the talented Heidi Donohoe and Harrogate arts group Platform Open, Showman by ace photographer Fraser Wright is a brilliant collection of images of men and women at work in the traditional fairs, shows, feasts and gatherings dotted throughout the north east.
As for the live music, talking to the Harrogate Advertiser, Chaika said: “What bands like Hookworms and Eagulls have done in Leeds is reassuring for us as a new band here. It’s nice see people showing faith in good music. “
Chaika have come a long way in a short time with critically-acclaimed appearances already at the likes of Beacons Metro festival.
And they’ve got experience behind that youthful energy.
“A couple of us played together when we were a bit younger, mainly garage rock in style with a lot of BRMC covers. But this is our first full-time band.”
Effects pedals play a big part in Chaika’s live sound, which should complement Charm’s psychedelic light show.
But it would be wrong to put this exciting band in a box marked “Pink Floyd” – or “Kasabian”, for that matter.
Chaika said: “We tend to just listen to what we listen to individually, as opposed to collectively striving to rip off a single sound.
“As far as bands of the past go, Joe will take a lot of his lyrical style from Tom Waits and Nick Cave and a lot of ranty/talky melody lines from David Byrne and Jonathan Richman.
“But, instrumentally, we’ve been inspired by a lot of Krautrock-esque bands like Can and shoegaze/garage rock stuff like the Jesus and Mary Chain. And we’ve also got more dramatic elements of Kate Bush.”
Chaika’s new single Mirror is their most powerful moment to date and comes complete in CD form with prints by London artist Ollie Scully.
Advance tickets are available via Harrogate Theatre on 01423 502116 or at