Young dancer aiming for the top earns spot at Royal Ballet School

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An ambitious teenager from Harrogate has been offered a place at a prestigious training school for professional ballet dancers.

Mollie King, who has just turned 15, has been selected for the Royal Ballet School’s Senior Associate Scheme and will be travelling to London every Saturday from September.

For the Harrogate Grammar School pupil, it is the next step in her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer, having already trained at Northern Ballet in Leeds and performed in some professional shows.

She said: “I’m very excited and I’m really looking forward to it.

“It’s just what I want to do in the future – become a ballet dancer.”

Having done a lot of dancing in her spare time over the last few years, Mollie is certain she will cope with the pressure of combining the new scheme in London with work for her GCSEs over the next year.

“Being at Northern Ballet has given me a base of doing dancing and fitting in school work as well,” she said.

“I don’t think it will be too hard.”

But for mum Stephanie who, as a dancing teacher herself, is delighted with her daughter’s success, there are some problems which she knows she will have to address.

“As a single parent, the cost of this is going to be astronomical,” she said.

“You can’t get much better than this as far as classical training is concerned – she’s so excited – but the costs are a major issue.

“We just can’t turn this opportunity down. It’s a foot in the door and the upper school teachers will be training her every Saturday.”

Stephanie knows just how much the place means to Mollie: when the letter arrived confirming she had been successful in her audition to get onto the scheme in April, Mollie was so happy she burst into tears immediately.

From a young age, Stephanie has been taking Mollie to dance lessons as far afield as Brighouse, so the pair are used to travelling, but weekly trips to the capital will be much more demanding.

“I’m just panicking a bit now, because reality has hit home,” said Stephanie.

“I’ve contacted the rail companies to see if they will help with the cost, but really we need someone to sponsor Mollie.”

Anyone interested in helping with Mollie’s training can email Stephanie at