VIDEO: Bed Cam: Knaresborough Bed Race through the eyes of the racers

See the Knaresborough Bed Race through the eyes of a racer, without having to do any of the running!

The Welly Wheelers who placed ninth in the race fitted cameras to their bed, giving people the opportunity to see the race through their eyes.

kna  Teams cross the River Nidd during the Knaresborough Bed Race 2013.  (130608M2r)

kna Teams cross the River Nidd during the Knaresborough Bed Race 2013. (130608M2r)

Roy Moody set up the cameras and created the video on Vimeo.

He said: “I love the race through the river at the end – it was a bit of a battle!

“If I was younger and fitter I’d definitely do it but these guys are too fit for me! It’s a great day for spectators and I’m sure even better when you’re involved.”

The video has already had over 200 views and MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough Andrew Jones tweeted his approval.

The Welly Wheelers are one of three teams from The Wellington Pub, The Wheelers male team, The Wheelettes female team and The Wheeners mixed team.

The video follows team members, Bob Chatten, Richard Fowler, Tom Wynn, Chris Spence, Sam Walkden and Simon ‘The Captain’ Massey as they take on the bed race challenge.

Simon ‘The Captain’ Massey said: “Our ethos that the teams evolve as we go along.

“We have a 61-year-old father, his son, 24 and daughter, 38. A husband and wife and sister-in-law, two sisters and two team members that are due to be married next year.

“This is a truly community based team trio. Our teams strive to do their best on the day however it’s all about the camaraderie, training and charity fund raising before, during and after the big day.”

The video includes the team battling it out and overtaking fellow competitors the G H Brooks team.

However Simon explained there was no hard feelings as the two teams have been in touch and are arranging a night out together.

He added: “The race day raises much money for charity, we have collected for St Michaels Hospice this year, however its the bed race legacy throughout the year that is important as well.”

Video maker Roy added: “We’re just not sure what to do with the filming next year now – maybe we’ll go 3D.”

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