Tour de France: Killinghall is Yorkshire’s best dressed village

NADV 1407016AM1 Painted Sheep. Keith Chapman with his TDF sheep. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1407016AM1)
NADV 1407016AM1 Painted Sheep. Keith Chapman with his TDF sheep. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1407016AM1)

Killinghall has been named Yorkshire’s best dressed village for the Tour de France, with the help of some spotted sheep.

Volunteers have festoned yellow ribbon on lampposts and strung buting from fence to fence in an attempt to impress judges at Welcome to Yorkshire.

NADV 14063012AM1 Yellow Jersey. (14063012AM)

NADV 14063012AM1 Yellow Jersey. (14063012AM)

“I can’t believe it,” said organiser Anna Bryer.

“I tired to get everyone involved, we are a good community here. We don’t have a village green or a central point but we still have all we needed to decorate.

“We didn’t have any sponsorship, it was just a few villages getting together and sharing ideas.”

News of the village’s efforts have spread around the world after pictures of a giant floral yellow jersey and painted sheep went viral.

“In three days we have had over 100,000 likes or shares on those pictures,” said Anna: “It is huge.”

Over 2,500 French Marigold plants went into making this gigantic yellow jersey which sits on the side of the road near Killinghall.

Managing director of Daleside Nurseries, Stuart Townsend, said the village community has rallied around the Tour de France.

“People are really in support of the Tour, it is a huge event, it will really put Harrogate on the map,” he said.

Mr Townsend first starting planning the giant floral jersey over a year ago, and it took around four or five hours to plant.

He said: “I knew it would have to be huge, it will only be a quick glimpse on TV.”

Since putting a photo of the jersey online last week, the image has been shared over 100,000 times.

He said: “That is an example of just how huge the Tour de France is, Harrogate will be appearing around the world.

“I didn’t expect things to snowball like this, it is fantastic what people are doing to support the Tour.”

The team ran a t-shirt logo competition at Killinghall School, which was won by 10 year-old Imogen Poole and the local WI group knitted mini jerseys for bunting.

A big screen will show all the Tour de France action in the village hall on Saturday July 5, and Anna’s volunteers are setting up food and drink stands.