Shakespeare comedy in the Valley Gardens

AN acclaimed theatrical troupe are bringing Shakespeare’s Twelth Night to Harrogate’s Sun Pavilion in Harrogate on Tuesday, July 31.

Gloucestershire’s acclaimed Festival Players are currently touring the UK and Europe, following their take-over of the long-established Theatre Set-Up company.

The Players, who this year celebrate their 27th year of touring outdoor Shakespeare productions, are delighted to have acquired actor-manager Dr Wendy MacPhee’s London-based Theatre Set-Up.

Theatre Set-Up was Europe and the UK’s longest-running open air Shakespeare touring company, having performed in mainland Europe, the UK and Isle of Man for some 35 years.

Michael Dyer, artistic director of The Festival Players and former director of Cornwall’s Minack Open Air Theatre said: “The Festival Players is both proud and delighted to have the chance to build on the reputation of Theatre Set-Up. Our combined forces mean we are now able to bring audiences more than 60 years’ experience of professional touring theatre.”

The Players have welcoming key actors from Theatre Set-Up and incorporated some of the London company’s costumes and props.

The Twelfth Night run includes shows in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway as well as more than 30 UK performances in locations from Stratford-on-Avon to the Scilly Isles. Tony Portacio will play Sir Toby Belch and Terry Ashe will be Malvolio – both actors from the former Theatre Set-Up. Music has been specially written for the production by folk star Johnny Coppin (front man of the cult Seventies folk-rock group Decameron). Gloucestershire-based Coppin tours the folk and acoustic circuit regularly, both solo and with fellow singer songwriter Mike Silver.

For tickets, 01423 537304 or email