Meet teen hit novelist in Harrogate

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By Lucinda Abbot

Local author Amy Keen will be holding a book signing at the opening of the new Oxfam book store in Harrogate on Saturday, June 1.

Amy will also be hosting an event titled Ask Amy Anything at the Leeds Big Bookend Festival next month, where fans can learn more about her work and ask questions.

Amy’s trilogy The Foresight Series is aimed particularly at young adults interested in the paranormal fiction genre.

The first book Embers was published in September 2012 and the second book Ashes last month, both by Fisher King Publishing. The final instalment Phoenix is due out before Christmas.

Embers, Amy’s debut novel, first introduces us to the likeable Scarlett Roth.

Scarlett is an 18-year-old girl with divorced parents who has just moved with her mum to Salem, Massachusetts, a place infamous for the witch trials of 1692.

In a new place and starting a new school, Scarlett is nervous, but soon makes friends and dates heartthrob Jake.

However, being popular is the least of her worries when she starts to have terrifying visions.

Here begins Scarlett’s battle to learn more about her powers, and she unearths the secret that the witch trials are not actually over, and that she herself is in danger.

A sense of unease underlies the whole of the book and the author excels in describing the physical feeling of fear. Scarlett has the everyday teenage issues to deal with as well as her horrible witch-hunt discoveries.

But the book avoids the potential pitfall of having a clichéd moody teen with a lot going on. Instead, the character of Scarlett is refreshing in that she does struggle but is always good-natured and quietly determined.

Other characters are not always given much time in the book but this doesn’t matter because the character of Scarlett is so well-pieced together and the only focus of our attention.

Amy will be at the opening of the new Oxfam book store on Oxford Street in Harrogate from 11am on Saturday, June 1.

Her Leeds Big Bookend Festival event will take place in Leeds Central Library on Sunday, June 9 at 1.30pm.

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